You can bet that when you borrow money to buy a house, the bank is going to protect their interest by making sure that if there is anything wrong with the title to the house, they don’t get stuck. You should be thinking this way as well. The bottom line is – if something does go wrong, let someone else pay!

When you are dealing with Preferred Title, you only deal with the best of the best in title insurance. The whole idea is that if something bad does happen, then you want to make sure that the title insurance company that you are dealing with has the means to pay.

We offer a wide range of Florida real estate closings and Florida title insurance services. Preferred Title is backed by two of the largest and best underwriters: Ticor Title Insurance and The Talon Group – a division of First American Title Insurance.

What could go wrong?

Plenty! We don’t mean to scare you, but the truth is – real estate can be a pretty complicated thing. Establishing who has a legal claim to a particular piece of property can affect the rights of a lot of people. Forgery, wills, fraud, mental incompetence, marriage and divorce, minors entering into contracts, and mistakes – all possible threats to your title being free and clear of claims by others.

That is why you MUST protect your asset. If you don’t and something happens, you could lose your house and still have to pay for it, or even wind up ruining your good credit.

That is what insurance is and always has been about – insuring that you do not suffer an unbearable loss.